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It should go without saying that brakes are a top repair priority for diesel trucks—at Duran & Sons Diesel located in El Paso, Texas, we take brake repairs seriously. The task of stopping a truck weighing thousands of pounds is certainly not easy, nor something you should take for granted.

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Our team of technicians specializes in the repair or replacement of brake pads or shoes, brake drums, brake hoses and lines, air compressors, air dryers, brake valves, slack adjusters, and all other parts that make up the brake system in your diesel trucks.

How do Brakes Work?

Most commonly found in medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks, air brakes use compressed air to activate the brakes. But that’s not the whole picture—braking systems in diesel trucks are complex, to say the least. When the driver presses the brake pedal, an air compressor pushes compressed air onto the diaphragm in the service chambers (also known as brake chambers). As a result, the diaphragm pivots, forcing the push rod outside the service chamber outward and, therefore, rotating the slack adjuster. The slack adjuster is connected to a device known as the S shaft or S cam, which is tasked with the vital role of expanding the brake shoes and bringing the brake pads into contact with the drum. The friction created by the contact between brake pads and brake drums is what stops your truck from rolling into a ditch—or worse.

Brakes: Problems, Symptoms, and Repairs at Duran & Sons Diesel

Is your brake pedal soft or spongy when you press down on it? Has your air compressor gauge been off for the past couple of days? Do your brakes screech or vibrate when you’re coming to a full stop? These symptoms are indicative of a failing brake system. Over time and depending on how rough you are on your brakes, your brake pads and shoes will eventually get worn down. Although they typically last 60,000 miles, if you frequently make abrupt stops or if you carry heavy loads on the daily, you may need to replace them after 35,000 miles. 

Aside from changing your brake pads and shoes, we at Duran & Sons Diesel offer comprehensive brake repairs. From fixing brake lines to recalibrating slack adjusters, we do it all. 

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If you're experiencing any issues with your diesel truck's brake system and you're in or around El Paso, Texas, don't wait until it's too late. Bring your truck to Duran & Sons Diesel, where our expert technicians will quickly diagnose and repair any brake problems you may be having. Whether it's a simple brake pad replacement or a more complex repair, we use only high-quality parts and equipment to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable on the road. 

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