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Is your engine overheating? Although there can be several reasons for this problem, all paths generally lead to the same outcome: a failing coolant system. Here at Duran & Sons Diesel located in El Paso, Texas, we got you covered.

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Your truck's coolant system is the number one source of engine cooling. It is responsible for regulating the engine's temperature by circulating coolant through the engine block, radiator, and other moving components, dispersing heat absorbed by the coolant, and engaging or disengaging the cooling fan depending on the engine temperature.

How Coolant Systems Work

You can think of coolant systems as the number one source of engine heat absorption in diesel trucks. Without a coolant system, your truck's engine would most likely overheat, causing you a long list of repairs and fixes down the line. At Duran & Sons Diesel, we want to help you avoid this.

The cooling system is a closed loop of several components working in harmony, including the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, and the coolant itself. Whenever the engine is running, the water pump circulates coolant throughout the engine to absorb and dissipate heat. The hot coolant is then transferred to the radiator, where it is cooled down by fresh air before being pumped back into the engine.

At slower speeds or a higher workload, the fresh, cold air coming through the radiator doesn't have what it takes to cool the engine. This is where the cooling fan and fan clutch come in—their job is to give the radiator a helping hand to pull cool air from outside the truck.

Coolant Systems: Problems, Symptoms, Maintenance, and Repairs at Duran & Sons Diesel

An overheating engine is an unhappy engine. If this is happening to your diesel truck, it can mean one of several things: either your fan clutch isn't properly engaging the cooling fan, your radiator is clogged by debris or other residues, your water pump is failing, or your coolant is contaminated. The ladder is the most likely case.

Regular coolant flushes are the foremost step in preventing engine overheating. If you don't know when you should be flushing your coolant, we suggest you follow your truck's owner's manual. If not, get your coolant flushed once every 30,000 to 60,000 miles and your coolant system inspected for leaks. By sticking to this rule of thumb, you shouldn't experience a melting engine.

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But if you're still experiencing an overheating engine, contact Duran & Sons Diesel today. Our team of experienced technicians are experts at coolant system repairs. We’ll fix your fan clutch, de-clog your radiator, inspect for leaks, and flush your coolant so you can be on your way.


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