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At Duran & Sons Diesel located in El Paso, Texas, we know that suspensions are often overlooked in the diesel truck world. They don't require heavy maintenance, they're reliable, and they last you a long time. The problem? People forget to get it checked. A rusted or broken suspension system can cau

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Leaf Spring Suspension Service

Renowned for their durability, stability, high load capacity, and low price, leaf spring suspensions are considered the "ol' reliable" of the heavy-duty suspension world. They consist of several long and curved steel leaves connected to the truck's frame, supporting the weight of the truck, the driver, and its cargo. Although they don't require as much maintenance as other types, leaf spring suspensions can get worn down or damaged over time, causing rust, cracks, or flattened springs. If you notice uneven tire wear, reduced ride comfort, difficulty towing and hauling, or poor handling, it could be a sign that your leaf spring suspension needs repair or replacement.

Air Suspension Service

Air suspensions are the gold standard for on-highway freight hauling. Equipped with air compressors, airbags, an ECU, height sensors, air lines, and a leveling valve, air suspensions provide a smooth ride for the driver while protecting cargo and equipment. However, air suspensions are complex systems that require maintenance and repair to keep them functioning correctly. Common issues with air suspensions include leaks, cracks, punctures, and electronic malfunction. If you notice any symptoms, such as a bumpy ride, sagging or leaning to one side, unusual bouncing, or poor performance while towing, get your air suspension inspected by a professional.

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Our team of experts at Duran & Sons Diesel understands the importance of keeping your truck’s suspension system in good working condition. That's why we are dedicated to providing top-notch suspension repair services to keep your truck (and business) running smoothly. From air suspensions to leaf spring suspensions, we have the experience and knowledge you’re looking for!

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