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Keeping an eye on your trucks’ oil and fluid levels is just as important as staying healthy and active. If the sun’s gone down and the lifeline of your fleet is either low, contaminated, or leaking, come by Duran & Sons Diesel in El Paso, Texas. We’ll get you sorted so you can get your trucks back o

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Engine Oil Changes

Like with any other combustion engine, oil changes are necessary to maintain the health and longevity of your truck’s diesel engine. Over time, oil can break down, collect dirt and other debris, and lose its effectiveness, causing it to become less efficient at lubricating and protecting your engine. Without adequate lubrication, your engine can experience increased friction and wear, which can result in costly and extensive damage in the long run.

Depending on the make and model of the trucks in your fleet, you’ll either need an oil change every 5,000 miles or 20,000 miles, or anywhere in between. We recommend you read through the owner’s manual or consult a qualified technician like the team at Duran & Sons Diesel for an accurate interval. 

Fluid Changes

Frequent fluid changes are just as important as oil changes. These fluids play vital roles in your truck's numerous systems, such as lubricating moving parts, cooling vital components, and transmitting power to the wheels. 

We recommend you check the owner’s manual for your truck for a precise service interval, or head down to our shop to consult an expert mechanic. Our fluid change service includes draining and refilling fluids, replacing filters, and inspecting components for any signs of wear and tear.

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