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If your fleet of medium- or heavy-duty trucks needs engine work and you're in the vicinity of El Paso, Texas, look no further! Our skilled mechanics at Duran & Sons Diesel, with dozens of years of combined experience and top-of-the-line parts and equipment, will take care of any of your diesel engin

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Our Diesel Engine Repair Services

Is your truck having trouble starting up? Are you seeing white smoke coming out of the tailpipe? These are just a handful of signs that can lead to expensive repairs down the line. Since your engine generates an abundance of friction and heat, a slight problem like a coolant leak left unchecked over a prolonged period of time can lead to more severe damage, like a warped, cracked, or blown head gasket.

Other notable damages that require immediate repair include clogged or faulty fuel injectors caused by wear and tear, exposure to dirt or debris, malfunctioning coolant system, worn-out pistons or cylinders, and a cracked engine block.

Engine Rebuilds

If your truck's engine damage is too extensive for a simple fix, we can rebuild it for you. At Duran & Sons Diesel, we're big on diesel engines. Our mechanics are masters of their trade, being able to quickly diagnose what's causing the problem, disassemble and inspect the entire engine, replace worn or damaged parts, then put everything back together in no time.

Engine Overhauls

While engine rebuilds and overhauls both involve a significant amount of engine work, they differ in their scope and objectives. The scope of an overhaul is not only to restore the engine to its original state by taking it apart and replacing worn-out parts but also to upgrade or modify certain components. Overhauls are typically meant to improve the engine's performance efficiency, reliability, and durability beyond its original design while maintaining its compatibility with the vehicle's existing systems and components.

Engine Conversions

Thinking about switching to biodiesel? It's more challenging than you might think. You'll need retrofitted fuel lines, gaskets, and seals to ensure engine compatibility with biodiesel fuel. Here at Duran & Sons Diesel, we're conversion specialists. We have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

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